FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida (AP). A man who is 28 years old, waiting for sentence for attempted murder who threw urine on an attorney in the Florida courtroom, according to police.

The assault took place on this week in the courtrooms that is the home of Broward District Judge Susan Alspector. Albert Narvaez is now also accused of assaulting Broward’s assistant attorney general Andrew Newman.

The Sheriff’s report of arrest states that the urine dripped into Newman’s mouth, and then all over his clothing. The report doesn’t mention the containers Narvaez used to keep the his urine inside the courtroom.

The Miami Herald reports that Narvaez assaulted Newman who threw urine over Newman and yelled “He instructed that I should do this!” He did not specify who he was talking to.

The verdict hearing was delayed.

The Chief Assistant State Attorney Jeff Marcus said they were “absolutely shocked” over the incident.

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