Marathon (CBS Miami) The Marathon (CBS Miami) Florida man was arrested on Tuesday following a police report that they found nearly 200 lobster tails that he had illegally obtained inside his car. The deputy director of the Middle Keys department stopped 25-year-old Jordi Escalante Carrillo during his race at the Marathon in the evening of Tuesday, citing violations of traffic. It was reported by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office reports that Carrillo was driving a vehicle that had an inaccessible tag.

At a traffic stop, the MP informed Carrillo that he smelled marijuana in the vehicle. Carrillo could not comprehend anything because he was speaking only Spanish. A Spanish-speaking sergeant walked in to assist with the translation and Carrillo said he was not doing anything illegal in the vehicle.

When searching the car the officer found an enormous plastic container full of wrung-out lobster tails.

Carrillo acknowledged that the lobsters were his and stabbed the lobsters throughout the night, as per police from the sheriff’s department. Carrillo was acknowledged with 191 spear-slaughtered and spear-slaughtered lobsters. He smaller lobsters, and 185 above the limit.

The legal limit for size lobsters that are caught within Monroe County is six per person per day.

There was no other illegal smuggling discovered inside the vehicle.

Carrillo has also stated that there is no commercial fishery license.

Carrillo was sentenced to prison.

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