September  30, 2019, at 12:21 PM.

After more than a year, an Florida person lost their iPhone on the boat and a diver spotted the phone and returned it to the man.

The phone with a shell was not the type of device Marshall Sklar expected when he went diving for lobsters off of along the coastline from Boca Raton after Hurricane Dorian.

“It is 40 feet deep,” the man said. “I could not figure out what it was used for.”

Its owner had only one key.

“There was an official fishing license in this incident and the fishing license was in good state,” Sklyar claimed.

He posted it on Facebook on the 6th of September in hopes of finding an owner.

“Does anyone know who this man is?” – asked Sklyar. “Found one iPhone X while diving off the coast of Boca. The owner was able to get a license from the reverse of the device. 

The license for fishing in the sea was “Carmen Miranda III.. Miranda III”.

Nearly three weeks after they posted on Facebook the two met.

Miranda called her back, and Sklar was given an assortment of six packs of food to make up for his troubles.

“I only was able to use only two days of it,” Miranda said of the $1200 iPhone X he lost in June of 2018. “But I believe it’s gorgeous.”

The phone, however, contains the remains of the sea. “I wanted to contact Apple and tell them, ‘I do not know what’s happening with my phone, it has just stopped functioning”” He stated with a deadpan expression.

In the end, Miranda will leave him with a story she can share about the iPhone fishing license, the iPhone, and the impact in social media.

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