JACKSONVILLE, Florida (AP) A Florida man is likely to receive the death penalty after being sentenced for the murder and rape of a girl who was 10 years old.

The Florida Times-Union reported that an indictment was found James Leon Jackson guilty of the killing of Tammy Welch on Friday night.

The verdict was handed down the following day, after 66-year old Jackson admitted that he didn’t know Welch and was not a threat to her. However, despite this assertion, Jackson had a “Tammy Welch 1984” tattoo on his back. The prosecutor claimed the tattoo could be considered confessional, and Jackson claimed it was as a prank by the prison.

Prosecutors claimed that the autopsy showed that Tammy was attacked sexually and strangled. Her body was discovered in the house where she was living. She was walking on the streets as the family was getting ready for a move to an army base.

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