OUCLIFE Florida OUCLIFE, Florida – A picture that was taken during the 18th year anniversary of 9/11 attacks displays clouds in the form of firefighters rushing toward an angel.

Matt Snow took the picture while he was driving for work Wednesday. “It might be because today is 9/11 But that’s what I saw in the clouds I saw this morning as I drove to work. Doesn’t it look like a firefighter through a hose, or an angel going through the sky with the sun just in front of him? “Snow posted on Facebook.

Snow has a job as a school teacher at Oakleaf near Jacksonville He told Fox 35 that he must double-take.

I was shocked by the things I just witnessed. Our wife and me both teach and we travel each morning on this road with our kids. The road today looked as follows.

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Year: 1987 Tyler Hoechlin, American actor

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Year: 1931 Hans-Ulrich Wehler, German historian and academic

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