Palm City: Florida resident Timothy Kepke was arrested after an online video of the man pouring beer into the mouth of an alligator. The man also was injured in the mouth by an animal.

Just minutes before, Kepke had told police that 22-year-old Noah Osborne had caught an alligator by his naked hands. After a beer-feeding incident that has been recorded, the pair let the alligator go to the wild.

The man was interviewed by police and said that the two of them had a few bottles of beer on the same day, he said that they weren’t drunk at the moment that incident took place. Police were able to access the video, which was private, and went to the home of the man to inquire about him. Then, he confessed to the crime.

Timothy Kepke and Noah Osborne were both arrested. Timothy Kepke and Noah Osborne were detained on the 3rd of October and were charged with illegal kidnapping by alligators.

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