One man in Gainesville was arrested on Saturday morning for attacking another person in the course of a dispute over a hat at an establishment in downtown.

Dominic R. Lapastina, 34, was arrested for an aggravated battery in connection with an altercation at Lillian’s Record Store 112 SE First Ave., according to the Gainesville Police Department arrest report.

Around 3:00 am at the time, police were summoned for UF Health Shands Hospital about one man who had a 1 inch cut in his lower back , near his spine. According to the report, the man was transported to the hospital due to the fact that there was bleeding.

The witness and the victim informed investigators that the incident started when the victim made a comment about Lapastina’s hat. It was unclear what the description was of the hat and there was no mention in the report.

Police say that Lapastino struck the victim’s back numerous times.

A friend claimed that Lapastina had something in his hand, but didn’t exactly what was it. The bartender recognized Lapastina from prior incidents at Lillian’s.

The victim at first and his companions weren’t aware that he was injured. They noticed that massive amounts of blood were found on the floor, seat and the door in their vehicle when they left Lillian’s vehicle.

The detention report states that the video recorded by the surveillance cameras of Lilian confirms that Lapastina is able to strike the man on the side of his wound. He also took something from the pocket of his jacket.

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