With the approaching of Hurricane Matthew coming towards Florida it appears that there will be a mass migration from the areas in Sunshine which could affect the area by the massive storm.

But one Florida man was of the opinion to decide that this storm would be worthy of fighting for the gorilla that was killed Harambe (and the chance to earn 15 minutes of fame). While watching live coverage by West Palm Beach News Station West Palm Beach news station at a beach in the area, one man spotted the camera’s frame and yelled the battle shout “Dicks for Harambe”.

Famous October 6 Birthdays

Year: 1993 Adam Gemili, English sprinter

Year: 1973 Ioan Gruffudd, Welsh actor

Year: 1953 Rein Rannap, Estonian pianist and composer

Year: 1944 Carlos Pace, Brazilian race car driver (d. 1977)

Year: 1944 Boris Mikhailov, Russian ice hockey player and coach