PENSACOLA, Florida. Authorities say the Florida man was shot and killed by his Norwegian son-in-law after a grisly birthday joke was played on Tuesday night.

Santa Rosa Sheriff Bob Johnson claimed that the tenant, 61-year old Richard Dennis, first heard the knock on his front door about 9:45 pm, and then went out to chase a relative away from an unrelated argument.

A few hours later, 37-year-old Christopher Bergan, who flew into Norway for the purpose of surprising Dennis for his birthday. He arrived to Dennis’ Gulf Breeze home.

Sheriff Johnson claimed Dennis was hearing the same noise about 11:30 pm. This time, it was at the back of the house. He pulled out his .380 semi-automatic gun, turned on the light on the porch, and went outside to see whom it was.

As Dennis was trying to find the source, Bergan jumped out of the bushesand made an “growling sound” shocking his father-in law.

“Mr. Dennis shoots one shot and hits the Mr. Bergan, killing him immediately,” Johnson said. “When the deputies arrived they were able to get towels for the person seeking to stop bleeding.”

The investigation further found that the incident was “completely accident-based” and that there are no charges to be expected.

The sheriff claimed the sheriff was unable to determine Dennis the way he acted after what he witnessed earlier in the evening.

“I believe it was an awful accident that shouldn’t be happening,” Johnson said. “Anyone who is a religious person should be praying for the family. I don’t know the suffering they’re experiencing … the situation is horrible.

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