Authorities have said that they have confirmed that the Florida man who killed his son-in-law who jumped from a tree to give him a birthday present was not charged.

Christopher Bergan, 37, arrived in Florida from Norway on Tuesday night, to surprise his father’s wife, Richard Dennis, 61, Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson said at a press conference held on Thursday.

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The sheriff described the shooting as “completely accidental,” saying it was preceding an unrelated incident that occurred around 9:45 midnight. The night before, a family member hit Dennis at the door. The sheriff said that during the night the blow landed on Dennis and he walked out and ran away.

Two hours later, Bergan arrived at the Gulf Breeze residence outside of Pensacola in order to delight his father-in law according to the sheriff.

“At 11:15 At 11:30, the Mr. Dennis hears a knock at the back door of similar type to the one he heard before,” the sheriff said. “So Mr. Dennis turns to the light in the back porch and walks out. the man. Bergan jumps out of the shadows and frightens him. Dennis.”

Bergan was heard making a growling noise as he ran out of the bush The sheriff reported the incident in the report of the police.

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