An eminent Donald Trump supporter in South Florida was arrested on Friday for the delivery of homemade bombs to critics of Trump, such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Thirteen devices were identified within a criminal federal complaint. One of them was uncovered to the billionaire Tom Steyer, who called for the impeachment of Trump.

I bet they’re not telling the truth about $500″: Trump supporters skeptical of homemade bomb arrests
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Cesar Sayok was detained at an auto parts shop located in Plantation City on Friday morning. His white van, adorned with decals that praised Republicans and demonizing opposition to the president, was parked on the street.

Sayok 56, who lives in Aventura in an Miami suburb. He has an extensive history of being arrested. According to his social media profiles the man is an agent for booking for the live broadcasting company. He also was a former cage fighter and fighter. The Attorney General Jeff Sessions said at a press conference in Washington that Sayok was accused of five offenses that included threats. at former presidents. threats against federal officers , and spreading explosives. The charges were brought before the federal courts in Manhattan.

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