The Florida man was detained Tuesday in the Target store, on suspicion of sexually assaulting the doll from Disney’s massively loved PG-rated Frozen film.

Cody Meader, 20, is accused of placing the famous snowman on the floor in the process of “drying the snowman” “until it was dry” at an Pinellas Park store around 2:00 pm, as per an arrest affidavit uncovered by Meader was later able to find an stuffed unicorn inside the shop that he was alleged to push before police arrived. According to the police, Meader confessed to police about the crime and admitted to doing “stupid actions” when he was with Olaf.

The report of arrest says Meader’s father had told officers that his son was a victim of similar conduct.

The police accused Meader of committing a crime and said that the stuffed animals needed to be destroyed.

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