Pinellas Park: A Pensacola woman was detained on Sunday after MPs claimed that the dispute over pork chops had turned violent. In the Escambia County Sheriff’s arrest report states that 32-year-old Jesseca Daniel Hardy hit a man’s face with a hammer when she and a man “got into a verbal dispute about the pork chops.”

The man informed the detectives that Hardy struck him multiple times on the face and head. The officers said they noticed an increase in the size of the man’s head as well as the eyes and lips. As per the reports there was also a cut on an lips cut on the upper part of his mouth.

Jesseka Daniel Hardy was charged with battery aggravated with a deadly weapon. She is currently in the Escambia County Jail on $ $5,000 bail.

Famous October 22 Birthdays

Year: 1990 Jonathan Lipnicki, American actor and producer

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Year: 1918 Lou Klein, American baseball player, coach, and manager