Boca Raton, Florida (AP). Boca Raton, Florida (AP). Florida resident is currently accused of manslaughter in connection with the beating that occurred last year by a vagabond who’s background included the arrest in the case of “Peeping Tom.”

The media reports that 30 year old Victor Van Vickery II was arrested last week in connection to the death of the 57-year old Asaad Akar.

Fort Lauderdale police records state that Vickery and his partner spotted the man looking into her window just after midnight on July 2, 2018. Vickery claimed to have rushed out to catch the suspect when she called police. The naked Vickery informed the police that he had found Akar wearing his pants unbuttoned.

The records show that the woman was issued a restraining injunction against Vickery who was not charged with assaulting her ex-girlfriend back in August of 2018.

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