RNN) – An 81-year-old Florida man attempted to purchase an 8-year-old girl’s mother on Friday in Port Orange, Florida, Walmart.

Police have told WFTV they believed Tracy Nye and her daughter were sitting on a bench inside an establishment in a store when Helmut Kolb approached her mother and asked her if they were married.

“He asked me where my husband was , and laughed when I said the man was at work,” Nye said in an Instagram post following the incident.

The suspect bid for the child , and then said he would pay his mother $200,000 for her baby girl.

Naturally Nye was up and ready to go however, the suspect grabbed her as she kissed her wrist.

The security guard was there and left the shop. Security cameras captured the entire exercise.

Investigators were able to utilize Kolb’s social networks and debit and credit card transaction data to find the suspect. Kolb was detained on Saturday and charged with beatings as well as illegal imprisonment.

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