LAKE BUENA WISTA Florida (AP) LAKE BUENA WISTA, Florida (AP) Florida authorities say that a man was taken into custody in the Walt Disney World Resort after two minors claimed he touched them in a way that was inappropriate.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that 50-year-old James Jones has been charged with molestation.

MPs have reported that some of those who were victims has told Security that the person responsible had touched them as they walked across the Ye Olde Christmas shop. Disney security was informed of a separate incident in the vicinity prior to the start of the event that will take place at The Haunted Mansion.

Security officers were able to locate Jones through video surveillance.

Jones was indicted in the incident that led to the initial arrest, however, an investigation into the second report is in progress.

Jones was taken into the Orange County Jail on Thursday However, no lawyer was named in the report.

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