On Tuesday, an enormous alligator was rescued from a pool owned by a homeowner an untidy Florida man.

A video posted to social media features the alligator hunter Paul Bedard, wearing a bandana, glasses , and a comfy bathing suit, getting an 8-foot eight-inch alligator out an in-ground swimming pool located in Parkland, Florida. In the pool. I’ve not had a large alligator in the water for at least a year, so I was anticipating getting the call “Bedard stated in the Instagram page.

“It’s extremely enjoyable because the alligator doesn’t move while the lake is nearly always clear and crystal transparent,” Bedard continued. “So all I need to do is jump in the water and play with him until he’s tired . I can then remain silent, and capture him and record it, or , if you’re very active, am able to exhaust it enough that I’m able to take it off without tape, and then take it into the yard , and apply the tape when I’m there. ” The video shows Bedard holding the alligator’s hand when he leaves the pool.

You’ll identify Bedard as a character from Bedard’s appearance on the Animal Planet show “Gator Boys” and could, as you’ve already guessed, is about saving alligators from backyards and swimming pools.

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