The name of his father is Jonathan Crenshaw.

He’s a frequent tourist at Lincoln Road Mall. Lincoln Road Mall in Miami’s South Beach area. He doesn’t have arms and it’s not known the reason – but was photographed painting with his feet as reported by Miami Herald. Miami Herald.

However, on Tuesday, the man was detained and was charged with battery aggravated, according to Miami-Dade Corrections.

Statement? The tourist was stabbed with the pair of scissors he held to his feet.

The incident at issue occurred on Monday, when the 22-year-old Chicago residence Cesar Coronado along with his friend walked into the South Beach area to ask Crenshaw for directions According to Miami New Times.

Crenshaw then , according to reports, took out a pair scissors, struck Coronado and then fled the scene.

Coronado was discovered to be covered in blood from his left hand. Crenshaw was detained the following day, and was told by the police that the stabbing was done in self-defense, according the Herald.

Crenshaw is scheduled to go on be tried on July 18th His security bond is set at $7,000.

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