JACKSONVILLE, Florida. The Florida resident claimed he was unable to resist an unarmed man that broke in to his house on Friday evening and cut his eyes.

Richard Golden said he was sitting at residence located in Jacksonville at the time he heard a person break through the glass door. He then came confronted by the man with a gun demanding money.

He claimed he was fighting an arm-in-arms man before he was able to take the fight in his hands.

“He struck me in my head using a firearm and my friend came to distract him. As soon as he got distracted and I acted, I took my action. I grabbed him by the arm and locked the gun “Golden said” to WJXT. A TELEVISION.

Golden stated that he threw the man, named by the name of Timothy Hinson, in the castle and poked his fingers into the eyes.

Golden was sure Hinson did not escape as waiting for police to show up.

“I was sitting on him and cut his eyes till the cops got here. I beat him up with my own gun until the police arrived, “Golden said.

He stated that he wasn’t certain of the reason he was victimized for a crime as the last time he saw a person before in the course of his lifetime.

Golden’s hands were scuffed from the battle, and his dog fled the scene due to the fact that the gate leading to his home was left open during the battle.

Hinson suffered injuries and was taken to the hospital and was arrested. He is currently in jail on bail of $250,000.

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