Gadsden County MPs summoned by the hospital to examine the personal belongings of the patient, including an eyeglass case, two lighters and a rubber ring an unassuming bag that contained around 25 Xanax tablets as well as a broken tablet.

Reinak was then in the bathroom, and then showed his self to the nurse.

In the report of the cops while he was in the exam room “he often was urinating and then sat across the ground,” was the account of an Democrat in Tallahassee.

He informed doctors that he used methamphetamine and cocaine prior to school. He also said that the school was closed in the afternoon and then consumed an Xanax tablet in Burger King. It is not known whether he was teaching students that day.

Reinack was transported in his cell at the Gadsden County Jail in Gadsden County, where he was arrested for possession with a banned drug without having a prescription. Reinack was released after posting $2,500 bail.

He was put on an administrative leave without payment until charges were filed against him, and he finished rehab.

Roger Milton, superintendent of Gadsden County Schools, said that he was not sure whether Reinak was being influenced by the presence of students, but as per the district’s policies Reinak could be allowed to go back to work.

“So the company’s policy is that in these situations employees are allowed to take part in the program and, dependent on the outcome of the prosecutions and all other aspects it is possible to continue his duties in the district,” the official said.

“He seemed like a kind, charming young person,” Milton said, noting, “I don’t know of any other criminal records in the past, any problems, or other issues.

“We appreciate our residents in Gadsden We hope that, regardless of what type of involvement or circumstance that Mr. Reinak has, he will find a way to solve the issue,” said the Tallahassee Democrat.

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