ST. Saint Petersburg Florida. A Florida woman told us she was stunned when she awoke the previous month to see the neighbor of her pet petting her cat.

“I was able to see the outline of an man who was standing at the foot of my bed.” Brittney Kline told WFTS the ABC’s Tampa subsidiary, about an incident that took place at the early hours of the 20th of November.

Kline claimed she was asleep in her house St. Petersburg when her cat got up and got her up.

“There were two men seated on my bed, petrifying a cat,” Kline said. “He didn’t even look at me.”

Kline told the media that the man went away however, he returned on Wednesday morning. The second time around, Kline was ready for the situation, as were the police.

“I am shocked to see him back,” Kline said.

Jasper Fiorenza, 24, was detained on suspicion of robbery and resisting an officer in a non-violent manner.

It is revealed that Fiorenza was Kline’s neighbour.

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