MIAMI. This week the Miami woman was detained for driving on an interstate, while a man was clinging to the rear of the vehicle.

The horrifying incident was recorded on film by a former girlfriend and an angry motorist who was desperate to convince her to stop.

The dispatcher notified emergency calls to their central station.

“She changes the car and I’m on top of her car. I need help urgently. 

CNN identified the driver on the hood as junior Francis who told reporters that he was scared all the period. The driver, Patricia Isidore, told reporters that Frances is her ex-husband and painted the man as someone who will not let her be alone.

But, Francis told a local reporter that both of them were in need of a car however, his girlfriend, whom is the father of his child, repeatedly beat him. He told the reporter that he got into the car to stop them from setting off from their home together.

In the event that he was unable to leave, Isidore allegedly pulled off the road and headed for the interstate. The remaining 19 miles was driving at 70 miles an hour, while the driver resting on the car’s hood.

Motorists are heard calling her to stop her vehicle, but initially she was unable to comply.

She was arrested, and accused of criminal negligence.

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