8 NOVEMBER Florida man who claimed to be “Ben Dover” was arrested for the crime of interfering in the provision of police officers with an assumed identity according to court documents.

On Tuesday the 22nd of May, a deputy sheriff pleaded with him to get out the place within Palm Harbor, a suburb of St. Petersburg. In the sworn declaration of arrest, the officer pointed out the fact that John Chestnut Park closed at the time of 6:00 pm, and was ready the issue of a border crossing notice for park visitors.

When the question was posed to identify himself “the suspect replied by saying that Ben Dover was his name. Ben Dover,” said the deputy K. Baldwin.

The man then showed the officer his middle finger and struck him on the face, “as if he was going to punch the cop.” The man later ran away on his own, but was arrested following a brief chase.

Dover as it turned out, was Andrew Leighton, a 22-year-old Palm Harbor resident. As you can see, Leighton was charged with two counts of obstruction committed by a person disguised as a refusal to cooperate with an officer. Leighton was released from the county jail at around 6:00 am yesterday after posting a $300 bond.

It was impossible to contact Phil McCracken, Haywood Jublom and Dick Gozinha for comment on Leighton’s arrest.

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