(CNN) – A Florida man was caught in a dangerous move on Tuesday, and the entire incident was captured on video.

He was filmed in surveillance footage jumping into a lake populated with crocodiles. But that’s not the most shocking aspect of the tale.

The entire incident took place on a cattle farm located in St. Augustine, Florida. The man remained in the aviary over several hours. The footage shows him diving straight in the ocean.

“Crazy. Absolutely insane, said one of the tourists. “How do you get so ignorant?”

The next day, the farmers found just Crocs shoes and shorts. It was thought to be an accident when they saw blood. They then they called the police. They then watched the video again.

The lucky man was bitten in the face by one 12 foot Crocodiles, before being seen trying to climb his fence in order to flee. The next morning, neighbors discovered a man lying limp in the street, complaining about being held in captivity.

“I think that his main concern was repetitiously saying,” It was my turn to be a captive in the area where alligators can be seen. 

The suspect is receiving treatment in the hospital of the district. The animals involved were not injured during the incident.

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