Halloween is over however, someone might have neglected to inform about the Florida person who got arrested to speed in Fred Flintstone’s vehicle.

The Pascoe County legislator stopped Don Schwartz at Wesley Chapel on November 4, and accused him of speeding.

Schwartz was dressed in the form of an iconic cartoon character, and modified his car in order to look similar to a motor-driven vehicle.

“Special thank you for Mr. and Mrs. Don and Trine Schwartz for being outstanding sportspeople … Yabba Dabba Doo!” the sheriff’s office posted on Facebook. post.

Famous November 4 Birthdays

Year: 1976 Mario Melchiot, Dutch footballer

Year: 1969 Matthew McConaughey, American actor and producer

Year: 1925 Gamani Corea, Sri Lankan economist and diplomat (d. 2013)

Year: 1909 Skeeter Webb, American baseball player and manager (d. 1986)

Year: 1905 Dragutin Tadijanović, Croatian poet and translator (d. 2007)