BOYNTON BEACH, Florida (AP). Police say that a South Florida man was caught naked while driving around an area populated by children. electrical wires hanging from his penis.

The media reports that 56-year-old Kurt Jenkins faces an obscene and violent demonstration of genital exposure, as well as resistance towards a police officer and isn’t charged with any violence.

According to an Boynton Beach Police report, witnesses reported on Monday morning that a naked male named Jenkins was driving by his vehicle, pointing at Jenkins the groin of Jenkins.

Then witnesses saw an electronic device sporting wires that were connected to Jenkins Penis.

The witness claimed that Jenkins requested that he go inside He refused, then called for help.

The officers who arrived inform them that Jenkins did not follow the police’s orders. Then he was taken to the ground and put in handcuffs.

It is not clear whether Jenkins is represented by an attorney.

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