According to the police the man was spotted masturbating outside an Miami supermarket on a Saturday afternoon.

CBS Miami reports when an elderly man instructed him to stop and He did so – enough time to punch at him on the forehead.

Kerry Dewane Vandergriff, 39 was allegedly impaired in a park area in which he threw his pants up and savoring his food to the point that everybody could observe. The Miami Herald reports that an elderly man was spotted by Vandergriff, but the encounter did not go as planned.

According to the police report Vandergrieff grew angry and started hitting him, cutting his face. of his face.

A local news outlet reports that officers were on the scene and took away Wandergrieff, who police reported had eyes that were bloodshot and could not walk upright . He also spoke in slurred sentences and spewed out alcohol. The officers brought him to the hospital district and as per CBS Miami, he again was able to – yes, you read that correctly to take matters into his own hands. The incident took place in the corridor between medical and police personnel The station reported.

After the trial was concluded after which he was incarcerated and charged with possessing a battery pack for a man who is 65 or more, insidious drunkenness in addition to … obscene exposure.

The Miami Herald reports that Vandergrieff, who is from Jacksonville, celebrated his birthday celebration on Sunday. It’s unclear what he might have done to celebrate in jail.

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