Seminole County, Florida. As per Sheriff Seminole County Sheriff, the man was naked from waist when he walked into the institution, throwing out feces throughout the process.

The deputies stated that on the 26th of August an Bear Lake elementary school employee was able to spot signs of a burglary.

The report noted that surveillance footage of a man was later identified as a 25-year-old Christian Dominic Schea, who leapt over a fence on the yard at around 2:10 a.m.

The MPs reported that they had found frosting from cakes on chairs, desks, and boxes within the classroom. There some traces of frosting on the floor, too.

As per the report the cake container that was opened was found in a garbage container in the classroom together with a sweatshirt for children that was covered in frosting and Feces.

Authorities claimed that handprints and trace of feces were discovered on the windowsill of the classroom that Shay was able to burst into.

As per the news report that was released, a stapler was located in the toilet as well as a TV remote soiled with frozen feces was found in the bathroom. Additionally, an unidentified laptop valued at $559 was discovered in a trash container outside the school. Also, the men’s dirty underwear was discovered hanging from the structure.

According to the official records, Shay was on campus at around 4:30 am.

In the course of the investigation, deputy officers said that school officials discovered Shai associated with previous incidents.

Shai was arrested on Friday night on Friday at the home of his mother in Apopka. He claimed to the MPs that he was in the video surveillance and that he believed he had committed a crime since the marijuana he smoked had an unidentified substance in it as per the report.

He was detained on allegations of burglary property damage Petty theft, and excessive exposure.

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