The Florida man picked the wrong car to enter.

The surveillance footage appears to have caught 49-year old Steven Titlan going from car to car in the Tampa neighborhood earlier in the month. Seven times he was stopped by a security guard as his door was locked.

That same day Titland had been in prison for burglary and disorderly conduct was able to get away with it when he stumbled upon the door was unlocked.

But, the car was not empty.

The vehicle was unmarked and held by the sheriff’s Pascoe company vehicle that contained several personnel from the Sheriff’s Strategic Objectives Response Team.

Investigators said that analysts had definitively concluded it was Titland was the person who tried to rob the night prior.

Sheriff Pascoe’s Office posted the video footage of a surveillance camera via Facebook on Thursday. The post identified Titland as a suspect.

TItland is charged with seven attempted burglaries.

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