MARION, Florida. This Florida man was arrested a number of times because of sexual relations on a mini horse MPs claimed.

In the words of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Citra’s Nicholas Anthony Sardo, 21 was arrested and was accused of four counts of bestiality or animal sexual relations.

MARION, Florida. A Florida man was detained several times because of sexual relations on a mini horse MPs claimed.

A witness came into the scene on October 16, and claimed to have seen Sardo engaging in sexual relations with a miniature pony known as Jackie G. in the pasture at the family home of a relative just three days earlier.

An additional witness comes forward affirming that she was there also, and as per the sheriff she contacted Sardo and shared what she witnessed. Sardo immediately admitted to her that he had sexual relations with a horse. He provided his confession in the presence of the detective who was investigating the case.

Sardo said that the detective stated that there was a sexual encounter in the presence of the animal four times over the course of the week. The sheriff’s office stated that in its press release “he utilized a condom each occasion because he did not want to be infected by his horse.”

Additionally, Sardo told the detective that the detective knew he was not right in what he did, and said that “he was a sick person,” according to the sheriff’s office.

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