A Florida man snapped a photo following a report that the wife of a semi-pro golfer shot him in the aftermath of their relationship as reported by Tampa Bay Times. Tampa Bay Times.

Mishay Simpson is the wife of semi-professional golfer Rhett Simpson, was engaged to an 23-year-old Andrew Noll until shortly before the shooting on Aug. 19 round.

Detectives uncovered intimate photographs of them in a relationship and they was paying cost of his Davis apartment The Times says.

In the evening when the murder took place, the police believe Noll attempted to gain entry into Simpson’s $1 million house as normally by disabling his alarm. Because they had broken the system to pieces as Simpson sought a security order against the suspect, they altered the security codes to prevent him from gaining entry.

When Simpson was able to see him at her house in the late at night, she instantly fired her gun before calling 911.

Noll, who a relative said to police was “a bit slow,” survived the shooting however, first he snapped a picture after he was being swollen on the ground.

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