ST. JOHN COUNTY, Florida. Florida man was detained after being accused of stealing the bus stop, and calling emergency services to clean his body clean, WTLV reported.

The 19 year old Nicholas Jones is accused of reckless driving, abuse of emergency services, and violating probation.

On May 5th, on South Woodlawn Street, when the car pulled away from its parking space, the driver attempted to get into the white Hyundai.

After an hour The 911 dispatcher called to The St. John County Sheriff’s Office.

“I want to know – I like running away from a cop 30 minutes to an hour ago,” the caller claimed according to an emergency call made by WTLV. “I was the guy who was who was from Kings Estates. So, what exactly do we pay for? For instance, I drove by four police officers.

The dispatcher asked the dispatcher in confusion: “What does it mean that you ran away from the cop?”

“I mean, he turned on the light on me and stood behind me, and when he came to my door, I covered him with a donut and left,” the caller told me.

The dispatcher asks if a person calling wants to schedule a meeting with an officer, and then what the caller wants to discuss.

The person who called said, “I have a question I’m guessing that he put up an APB saying that someone was seeking my car, and the car definitely has an id plate, but I was able to pass through four police officers just walking down the street. So, what do you guys have to be doing? 

The dispatcher advised the caller that law enforcement officials were conducting a series of calls. The police were able to trace the phone to Nicholas Jones. Jones was wanted on suspicion of an unrelated crime.

The following day, officers found a car bearing similar tags in the parking lot of a clothing store the next day, as WTLV was informed by an arrest warrant.

Jones was detained and told the MPs that according to his perspective, “this policeman had no right to hinder me. I watched him switch on the sirens and lights and was just about to stop but I didn’t want to. 

When Jones realized it was his own call which led the police to search for the man, he remarked “That’s hilarious. What did I think to myself? Police officers aren’t able to find me with my Hyundai Elantra It’s quick, “WTLV reports.

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