A Florida man made use of the mouth of an alligator in order to break open a bottle of beer.

People love to document their experiences with animals. Unidentified men utilized teeth from a crocodile crack open a beer bottle in an unreleased video recorded, but instead uploaded to Instagram. The man broke the bottle of beer with teeth of a crocodile.

After the man cut the bottle of beer and dropped the crocodile in the water, and made noises of excitement.

Who uploaded it altered his or her Instagram settings. The video that has over 3 million viewers was posted to a few Instagram accounts, such as Drunk People Doing Things.

It’s not clear whether the video was shot in Florida. The only thing we know is it is that, in Florida animal cruelty is regarded as a first-degree offense and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission as well as district authorities are responsible for punishing those who commit the crime.

In 2018 the man who drunkenly carried a crocodile inside his car , as well as those who introduced a smoking cigarette in the mouth of a crocodile have been taken into custody at the request of FWC.

In the same moment another video similar to this was also shared. An owner of the boat recorded screaming “Sucker” at a raccoon when they were 20 miles away.

The images of uncorking a bottle of beer by gnashing teeth from a crocodile is not new to. This is the second one that has been seen. In 2017, a man swung the shark’s teeth unlock his bottle.

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