On Monday, a Florida man claimed that his girlfriend died from choked oral sex. He was not found guilty of second-degree Murder.

The Sun Sentinel reports that Richard Patterson, 65, of Margate was acquitted in 2015 of the murder of Francisco Marquines (60), after a lengthy trial. He had sex in her apartment with her.

Patterson’s lawyers filed a motion for his jury member to be shown to the jury to strengthen their defense.

After a medical examiner concluded that intercourse choking was unlikely, the defense shifted to that theory. The judge did not make a decision to display Member Patterson in public.

Ken Padowitz, an attorney, stated that “She didn’t die like this.” Richard Patterson believed she died in that manner.

The defense instead argued that it was impossible for them to determine how she died. Marquesne’s body had become too decayed for medical examiners to determine the cause of her death.

According to Sun Sentinel, Padowitz stated that “They still don’t know how she died.”

The jury listened to five hours of testimony before reaching a verdict.

Patterson would spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted.

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