Florida police arrested a man with a pink bra and twenty tattoos.

According to police statements, the man was driving erratically through traffic and was discovered in a hotel parking garage as a result police pursuit. The man was dressed in unusual clothing.

According to The Smoke Gun’s police report, Buford Carroll, 30, was wearing a white shirt with a pink bra. Carroll was found in this state in a hotel parking garage.

Carroll was found to have a strong alcohol odor and his driver’s licence was suspended. Carll’s license was suspended because he drove a vehicle with a different plate.

Carroll’s girlfriend was asked by a police officer why he was driving on a suspended license. His girlfriend responded, “He’s an idiot!”

Carroll was accused of using plugins that were not connected to the tool. Police also asked Carroll about the meaning of the I-95 symbol found on his body, the life of an fighter and the Statue of Liberty tattoos with a gun.

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