Danny Alvarez, spokesperson for the Sheriff, said that Stone told detectives that he did not know the owner of the cars.

Alvarez stated that Stone had poured brake cleaner or other rust remover onto the 2017 Porsche Macan’s passenger side on May 2. This caused paint flaking and almost $ 2,000 worth of damage. Stone poured a chemical onto a 2015 Mercedes a week later. Alvarez stated that 500 cars were parked in front of the AMC Veterans 24 cinema at 9303 Anderson Road. Alvarez stated that the paint on the passenger side of the car was peeling and that the owner spent $ 1,200 to repair it.

Alvarez stated that Stone’s Mercedes GLK 2012 was in the video surveillance footage at the time of both incidents. Stone also told lawmakers that he had damaged both cars.

Alvarez stated that two similar cases have been reported recently, one in Tampa. “The detectives are still trying determine if these cases may be related.”

Stone was instead held in Hillsborough County Jail and released on $ 4,000 bail.

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