According to investigators, the Florida man was trying to hide his runaway girlfriend, Krystle Lee Anderson from authorities by hiding in a storage box. John Robert Carr Jr. attempted to conceal Krystle Le Anderson, who was wanted in connection to her inability to appear in Orange County in a 2015 case. According to The Lakeland Ledger, she was charged with trying to rob Burger King using a BB gun.

Anderson sustained injuries and lost her right leg in the incident. Ledger reported that Anderson was at Carr’s residence with Polk County sheriffs as well as federal marshals. Ledger reported that Anderson told the officers that he was not there when they arrived. However, officers were able to see through the bedroom window that Carr had placed the woman of four feet in a plastic storage container.

According to the Polk County Sheriff Carr was charged with resisting arrest. According to Ledger, additional payments are still pending.

Anderson was taken into custody.

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