A Florida man was enticed to visit Hooters so much that police have said he called 911 dispatchers to inform them that he needed help to the restaurant since his grandmother was suffering stroke while parking in the lot.

Instead 28-year-old Jonathan Hinkle got a ride to the Brevard County Jail Tuesday night.

Hinkle returned the call in March. Deputies were said to have were searching for three hours for his mother. After they found her in a different location she claimed she had not had a stroke and she hadn’t sought help from anyone.

According to news reports, Hinkle said to the dispatcher that he would pay the responders to transport Hinkle to Hooters in the Florida’s Atlantic coast, so that he could assist his mother.

Hinkle was detained on Tuesday, and charged with charges of using 911 in a fraudulent manner. He was released on bail Wednesday night. Records do not list an attorney for him.

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