OCOEE, FL (AP) An alligator in the area in central Florida hit at the man’s back, knocking him unconscious in an attempt to get away.

The incident, recorded in a video that was that was released by the channel on Tuesday, caused major unrest in an area of residential life in Ocoi close to Orlando.

The video on WKMG-TV illustrates an Florida fish and wildlife defender placing an eight-foot (2-meter) alligator in the rear of an automobile. The viciously bound alligator slammed into the trapper, and then the trapper was slamming his head. The trapper was thrown to the ground while the hunter and the police attempted to return the alligator onto the truck. The video was uploaded on YouTube on the 25th of May. Residents say that the alligator wandered through their yards before trappers arrived. There is no information on the situation of the man who was the victim.

The alligator was later removed.

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