PINELLAS PARK, Florida (AP) A Florida man is accused of an offense after the alleged act of pouring ketchup onto his girlfriend as she was asleep.

Court documents reveal that Peter Wagman faces an administrative misdemeanor of the first degree in connection with the incident that occurred last Sunday. According to the report of arrest Wagman’s girlfriend, aged 11, said to investigators that she was awake in the late at night to discover Wagman throwing water. She poured ketchup over her and cursed on her.

Heather King told investigators that they had a heated argument over her infidelity before going to sleep. According to the report, the bed was covered with ketchup. Wagman has denied the accusations however, the report states that the ketchup was in his pants.Wagman was told not to speak with King. Court records indicate that Wagman has did not plead guilty.

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