A Florida man beat the woman with a cup, and tried to get her from the car. Police said

CAPE CORAL (FLORIDA) – A Florida man threw his cup at another vehicle in a traffic accident. The Cape Coral Police Department released a statement. A cup was thrown at a passenger in the car and the woman tried to get out.

According to the police, Christopher Nelson Velez, 40, recklessly passed another vehicle during a verbal argument in Punta Gorda. The two drove in the same direction on Wednesday. After Velez threw his protein shaker glass at the other car, and then smashed it into the seat of the woman in the passenger seat, the controversy was made.

Velez attempted to block the vehicle of the person he was fighting with, but the cars continued driving in opposite directions. According to authorities, Velez tried to get the woman in the other vehicle out of the vehicle’s window by getting out of his car.

Velez was stopped by the driver of his vehicle. The driver tried to stop Velez, but the passengers got out of the vehicle and began hitting him. Velez’s car was discovered at a 7-Eleven gas station after an investigation.

Velez was charged with throwing a deadly item, theft by battery and aggravated assault.

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