ORANGE COUNTY in Florida – A man who concealed methamphetamine within the body was attempting to get the prohibited substance into a local jail as per the Orange County Sheriff’s Office statement.

Authorities discovered white crystals which Shaft Bang Adams, 30 was hiding in the penis’s skin in a search of Orange County Penitentiary on May 13.

Adams has been accused of trying to smuggle banned goods inside a government structure.

A look at court records revealed the fact that Adams was arrested several occasions within Orange County. According to the report of arrest there was no explanation regarding the reason Adams was sentenced to jail.

Adams has committed his latest crime on June 22nd in which he was stopped in the presence of a deputy sheriff as shopping in a drug-dealing area. The deputy sheriff had instructed Adams to go into the vehicle and to get into the car, and cocaine powder was discovered in his possession in the course of the investigation.

Sheriff’s deputies instructed Adams to remove his socks and shoes. Adams was not willing to follow the instructions deputies from the sheriff’s department instructed him to take off the left sole of his shoe.

As per the deputy sheriff an unopened cocaine bag was found inside Adams the right foot of Adams. Adams was tense when the deputy sheriff tried to find his left foot.

Adams was detained on suspicion of non-violently resisting an authorized officer , and possessing cocaine. Adams was detained in late June on meth possession charges got released under bail following the sentence. But, the condition of being released on bail was changed following the incident.

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