(RNN) Cape Coral, Florida witnessed naked men dancing around an open campfire, surrounded by the flames, and shouting “gibberish.”

It occurred on June 22 in Pine Island Lane. Police received a report that a man who was carrying an open knife attempted to ignite the car.

In the report of police the man, identified as a 27-year-old John Hennessy, also threw stones into the windows of the home.

After dancing and singing The officers then were told that Hennessy took a wooden stick and began swinging the stick. Then , they took out the stun gun and arrested him.

Even after being detained, Hennessy continued to sing in the “unknown language.”

“He shouted in a snarky manner, he always shouted. He was speaking in another dialect and I had no idea what was he talking about, “the suspect’s sister, Heather Hennessy, told WFTS.

Police suspect John Hennessy may have consumed psychoactive mushrooms. Heather Hennessy told local media that she was burned as she stood in the blaze.

He was treated at the local hospital. He was later taken into the Li County Jail, where the accused was charged with aggravated assault criminal hooliganism, and 4 counts of assaulting law enforcement officers.

The mother of the victim told local media that her son’s behavior has changed since he was released from the rehabilitation center. The Hennessy family is hoping for the case to draw the issue of mental illness to the forefront.

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