After calling the parole officer the person who had missed his appointment threatened to bomb his office.

BREVARD COUNTY IN FLORIDAA Florida person who threatened to bomb his parole office has been detained as per the Cocoa Beach Police Department.

A parole officer in the office was notified of this call Wednesday according to the report of the CBPD. “I’m going to blow up the office at eight o’clock,” was the man’s response on the phone. The man said the same thing repeatedly, the caller abruptly ended the call.

The person who answered the phone notified his superior who was shut down. In addition, the Brevard Sheriff’s office of the County as well as the FBI Joint Terrorism Taskforce were alerted to the threat. K9 units were dispatched to investigate for the office of parole.

After the investigation and the results, the phone number of the caller was an age-group of 38 Juan Christian. Christian was scheduled to be in the office on that day to take an ordinary drug test however, he did not show up.

Police contacted Christian to inform him that he had did not attend his parole hearing and demanded a meeting at his residence located on Carolina Avenue.

As per the reports, Christian confessed to having made the threats. Christian claimed that he didn’t want to be a part of his date, which was the reason behind the threat. He also said the reason he was not willing to allow his parole rights to be violated.

Christian was detained for probation violation as well as the bomb threat charge. Christian is currently in jail without bail.

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