Lutz, Florida, June 24. (UPI) A Florida man is being held for murder charges. grandmother, 74, in a bloody fight within her nudist community.

The morning of Monday an acquaintance saw an 18-year old Brandon Macchetto dragging his grandmother’s wrapped body into his minivan, presumably looking to determine whether the water was safe. Alongside the fact that Macchetto did not see the neighbour, he also could not keep the legs of his grandmother, which is why they called police.

In the early hours of the early morning hours, the officer observed Macchetto and attempted to stop him. Macchetto fled, and returned his way to Paradise Lakes Condominium Association, which is where he was eventually detained. … But this was changed following a brutal incident that occurred five years ago: “He did what you told him, he never behaved disrespectfully,” said Ronnie Hall. Hall was a Macchetto KravMaga instructor over seven years. The instructor in martial arts said Macchetto suffered mental trauma after Macchetto was hit and jumped on the head by bricks.

“He was very nervous, very agitated, and for the first time he had problems with his grandmother because he was not on medication,” Hall explained to WTSP that is an affiliate of Tampa Bay.

“The brain injury he received when he was hit with a stone in the back of his head – from which he nearly died – prevented him from growing up, and I think it has something to do with it.”

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