A Florida man was detained after he admitted to being an associate of a fraud group.

Thibou tried to extract the largest sum of cash from an commercial. According to the investigation of the police the suspect was told that he had been scammed by an individual in California.

The county of Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA – A man who confessed to being a an accomplice in a massive fraud scheme has been detained at East Earl Township, according to a statement from the police.

On June 18, police visited a place where large quantities of money were delivered. A fake name for the business was inscribed upon the packaging. The officers arrived and they took the package before they left.

After that, the establishment declared that the police had been called to inform the man who was at the establishment to pick up the package. The police arrived at the business and interviewed the suspect. According to the police’s statement that the suspect was first identified by an incorrect name. He later stated his name as Everette Thibou.

In the course of the investigation by police the police discovered that the money was seized from a resident of California to pay for repair work on a computer. Thibou claimed he was an affiliate of a criminal organization that extorts people from all regions of the nation.

Thibou was detained and brought for detention at the Lancaster County Jail.

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