COUNTY OF MONROE (CBS Miami). On Tuesday the 13th of May, a Florida man led several police officers and deputies in a search that took him from Miami towards the Upper Keys.

As per Florida police the the 50 year old Mark Edward Welch from Lake Worth suffered an accident while on the main island, and attempted to flee towards the Keys.

Welch ended up crashing into a wall of concrete and stopped near the Javfish Creek Bridge at mile 107.

Welch refused to obey the orders by the deputy to leave the vehicle as they placed guns on his. He was later arrested without protest. Then, he informed the officers the woman was inside the jeep. But when they went to check at the jeep, they could not find anyone there.

But, deputies discovered the pipe was contaminated with cocaine.

Welch admitted to having consumed 20 crack pills during the pursuit and been using cocaine since the morning of Tuesday as per the sheriff’s department. He claimed it was possible that some crystals were in his throat and it was difficult to clear the stones.

The MPs transported Welch to the hospital at Tavernier. Following his release, the officers cuffed him before sending the man to jail.

Welch was accused of DUI when he was concealing.

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