The authorities said that the man fatally shot four children , and then himself late on Monday night in Orlando, Florida, ending the 21-hour standoff, which began when the man killed and wounded the police officer who took an inquiry about domestic violence.

The victim, 35-year-old Gary Lindsay Jr., was discovered to be dead inside the cupboard just after 9:15 at night. After the police entered the home where he had been living with three children aged 1 6, 10, as well as 11 year olds.

The two children were part of Ms. Lindsay and the other two belonged to another, Orlando Police Chief John Mina stated at a press event late on Monday, but without naming the identity of who. Mina said it was not clear which children were killed however, he said that when the police attempted to give the Mr. Lindsey with a phone to make it easier to contact him they found out that at least one of the children was dead.

“It was then that we decided to begin our plans to move in and try to save the rest of the children,” Chief Mina stated, noting that the incident “has a very tragic and sad end.”

“We care with all our hearts for the families of these four children,” continued Chief Mina.

The incident began at 11:45 midnight. Sunday, Orlando police officers responded at a housing complex located two miles from Universal Studios Florida. The police said that the woman called police officers from another location and informed them that her boyfriend Ms. Lindsay, had beaten her in the midst of an dispute.

The Officers faced the suspect, Mr. Lindsay, he opened the gun, striking officer Kevin Valencia, who was as Chief Mean described, “very serious and significant injury.” At the very least, one officer reacted with fire.

As of the beginning of Tuesday on Tuesday, Officer Valencia was employed by the department since the year 2016 and is aged in the 20s was seriously ill as per Chief Mina.

And then the Mr. Lindsay barricaded himself in his apartment along with his four children.

Over the course of the next 21-hour period The authorities contacted the Mr. Lindsey to release the children. Negotiators spoke with him numerous times during the conflict and called the man at around 20:30. On Monday, it was just after the security forces had arrived at the house.

Public records indicate there is evidence that the Mr. Lindsay has been arrested at least three times over the past 15 years with criminal records from at least 2 Florida counties. In 2007, he was found guilty of petty theft. Likewise, in 2009, he didn’t mention arson charges as well as an attempt to flee from police. He was detained once more in Orange County on three charges including infraction to probation, assault using deadly weapons as well as aggravated attack in the case that involve domestic violence.

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