Daniel Allen Plunkett, a Treasure Island resident with little respect for Italian-American food, was detained for throwing a pizza slice on his roommate.

The incident occurred last Wednesday on June 3rd. Plunkett without a shirt, was involved in a heated argument over pizza and his friend Brenda Faidas and tossed a slice at her. In the words of The Tampa Tribune, the slice was hot and landed on the left side of her hand. Then, a little sauce was thrown onto her shoulder. The good news is that Feidash did not suffer any injuries.

Plunket states that Feidas also threw pizzas, but the pizza seller of 50 was arrested after a simple assault and in violation of probation for driving drunk.

It’s important to note that the complaint filed by the police stated Plunket’s body, which was not wearing a shirt, was covered with sauce.

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