The  Florida man is accused of pretending to be a teenager , and then asking to send explicit photos of girls in their teens.

PALM BEACH GARDENSin Florida A man from the Palm Beach gardens said he pretended to be a teen when he received messages from girls who were underage and sent him explicit images according to prosecutors on Friday. The man later admitted guilt to charges of child pornography.


The US Florida Southern District Attorney’s Office revealed in 2008 that a 45-year-old named Dwight Castaldi had made contact with 13-year-old girls. The prosecution claimed that he was posing that he was a teenager, and posting photos of a teenager for girls.

According to the prosecutor’s statement, Castaldi claimed that he’d have an intimate relationship with every girl, and tried to convince the girls to submit their sexually explicit photos.

A warrant for search was issued to the home of actress Castaldi in the year 2018, according to a press release. A computer was found at the home of Castaldi that contained images, videos of child abuse and communications documents.


Castaldi was found guilty of making, distributing the material and possession of child pornography before a the court.

Castaldi faces the minimum penalty of 15 years, and a maximum sentence of up to life prison. The hearing for sentencing will take place on September 20.

Castaldi was earlier sentenced to prison for three years for sexually abusing a girl of 13 on the internet.

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